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Studio Time

We require a minimum of 4 hour  to book a session with our engineers. For more studio time you can add an additional 4 hours or book the 12 hour lockout (Maximum time). All studio sessions include mixing/mastering and multiple amenities! 


$300 - $550

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We have cracked the code of the average music consumers ear..Allow us to use  this knowledge to mix your vocals at the highest level. Please note that we cannot change the quality of your microphone. If we feel like your lacking microphone quality we will be 100% transparent with you and refund your money with friendly recommendations




Music Videos

Prices varies depending on your budget. Our videographers start at $1,500 and go up to $10,000. Take a look into our work and let us capture your next music video! 


$1,500 - 10k

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We aim to enhance the emotional impact of music so the listener can fully realize its intention, while undergoing a more satisfying experience. Our mastering will ensure that your music sounds great on any speaker or device. 




Go Viral 

Our "Go Viral" prices vary depending on which services you select or which campaign you would like to run. We also require a reviewal process for specific marketing services. Allow our team to organically push your brand to the right people and build a core fanbase.


$150 - 60k


Create Beat

Cubboom is our elite music producer who specializes in creating custom beats. He has mastered the process of producing the perfect record based off of artist's musical analytics. Cubboom works closely with his team of multi genre producers to ensure the perfection on any instrumental style. Learn more about the process of your next hit record below!


$499 - $2500

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